Jason Presley

Jason R. Presley

Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS Number 216158

I am a second-generation mortgage banker and have worked in the industry since 1993. My family started in the mortgage business in the 1960’s. Usually after school or on the weekends you could find me at my family’s office helping out in any way that I could. One could say the mortgage business is in my blood and that I was born to be loan originator. I pride myself on the knowledge I have learned over the years and this experience has helped many applicants when other mortgage lenders or banks could not. I make myself available during the evenings and on weekends due to the fact that most individuals are at work during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Even at night or on the weekends I can use the information you provide me to qualify you for the home of your dreams, or a refinance that will provide you with cash needed to eliminate debt while lowering your interest rate. If an applicant is able to supply me with enough basic information, I can issue a pre-qualification letter after hours or on the weekends as well. I can help you decide which type of mortgage will best suit your needs while keeping your payment as low as possible. Over the years I have memorized the qualifying guidelines on the products we offer including Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and JUMBO mortgages. Crescent Mortgage also has down payment assistance programs and true 100% loan programs. To stay current on the ever-changing mortgage industry, I am constantly reading and researching, always looking for a new way to help you achieve your goal of home ownership. Crescent Mortgage also offers construction loans and renovation loan programs. A construction or renovation loan program may seem intimidating. I can utilize my many years of experience with these products to help you build your first home, add an addition to your current residence, or renovate a home in a regentrifying area as easy as possible. I have used a renovation loan program before on my own home in downtown Atlanta and at the time I used a lender that was one of the few offering the product. I took my personal experience from my renovation and learned how make this process easier for my applicants on either a construction or renovation loan program. Allowing me to be there through every step, you can enjoy seeing the improvements on your home as they happen instead of worrying about what’s next.
At Crescent Mortgage we utilize next generation technology through all the steps of your mortgage. From the day you start your application either online or in person, until the day we are sitting at the closing table where you have allowed us to help you reach your goals of home ownership. All of our departments from loan origination, processing, in-house underwriting, and the closing department are all under one roof. If necessary, we can close your loan in days, not weeks. At Crescent Mortgage we act like a family and work like a team. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or refinancing your retirement home on the lake I will be there to help you understand each step of the process. We also allow you to sign and submit your documents online and we can meet through an online application like Zoom, facetime, etc. All of the steps in your mortgage can be completed while you never have to leave your house.

Please call me today or apply online to get started. Allow me to show you how easy applying for a mortgage with Crescent can be, so you will never have to use another loan originator again.